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A training program created solely for dancers ages 8-18 who wish to continue their training on a more intense and challenging level. This technique based program focuses on perfecting Ballet, Jazz, and Modern fundamentals, Strength, Flexibility, and a deeper understanding of the body in order to create a more sound and defined dancer.


Program Details & Requirements

  • Dancers must successfully go through an audition process before being accepted in to the program

  • The program is designed for dancers ages 8-18

  • Pre-Pro dancers have the privilege to train in smaller classes through our custom class curriculum exclusive to J’adore DANCE

  • Each level consists of a program of classes including; Ballet, Pre-pointe or Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, and Stretch & Strength. Dancers must take all of the required classes in the program to maintain participation in the program

  • Depending on your level, it is a 2-3 day commitment for training classes with occasional Saturday rehearsals leading up to performances

  • Hip Hop and tap classes can be added “a la carte,” but are not a requirement of the Pre-Pro Program

  • Positive attendance throughout the season is required

  • The Season will run September 2019-June 2020

  • Pre-Professional dancers will automatically be cast in our Nutcracker presentation but will still be asked to attend the annual audition for casting purposes. There will be a $150 Nutcracker fee.

  • Pre-Pro dancers will perform in both the Spring Gala performance and Summer Showcase

  • Once accepted in the program, dancers will go through an annual physical dance exam to determine whether or not they are meeting the requirements of the program

  • Bi-annually, dancers will be evaluated to move on to the next level of the program

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Audition Information

July 25th 4:30-7pm (ages 12+) / 6:30-8:30pm (ages 8-11)

August 8th 4:30-7pm (ages 12+) / 6:30-8:30pm (ages 8-11)

* Dancers should dress in a black leotard with pink tights and their hair neatly in a bun for their audition*

* Dancers are only required to attend one audition date*

Fall / Spring Schedule


5:30-6:15pm Level 1 Flexibility & Conditioning

6:15-7:15pm Level 1 Ballet

7:15-8:15pm Level 1 Jazz


5pm-6pm Level 3 Ballet

5:15-6:15pm Level 1 Ballet

6pm-6:45pm Level 3 Flexibility & Conditioning

6:15-6:45pm Level 1 Pre Pointe

6:45-7:45pm Level 1 Contemporary


5-6pm Level 2 Ballet

6-6:30pm Level 2 Pre Pointe

6:30-7:30pm Level 2 Jazz

7pm-8pm Advanced Tap


5:15-6:15pm Level 2 Ballet

6:15-7pm Level 2 Flexibility & Conditioning

6:15-7:15pm Level 3 Ballet

7pm-8pm Level 3 Contemporary

7:15-8:15pm Level 3 Pointe

8pm-9pm Level 3 Jazz