Tuition is based on weeks of instruction. We are proud to offer the most weeks of instruction than any other studio in the area while still maintaining competitive pricing. Our all-inclusive tuition package provides exceptional value and quality for J'adore families! 

Total # of hours         Due at Registration        Monthly

1                                       $85                                   $85

2                                       $145                                 $145

3                                       $185                                  $185

4                                       $210                                  $210

5                                       $235                                  $235

6                                       $265                                  $265

7                                       $295                                 $295

8                                       $320                                 $320

9                                       $340                                 $340

10                                     $360                                  $360

Twirl Class Fee - $30

Annual fee for TWIRL workbooks, personal TWIRL ribbon for dance bag, and TWIRL parties!

Nutcracker Performance Fee - $150

This fee applies to all participating dancers in our annual “Nutcracker” performance. This includes ALL Pre Professional dancers as well as any dancer who is accepted into the production after the audition including, Mini EDGE, Show Troupe, EDGE and POWER dancers. Fees are due by, October 1st 2019.

Please direct all questions regarding 2019-2020 tuition or your J'adore Dance account to our Executive Director, Alice Czajkowski at,

Payment Options

  • Pay in FULL with cash or check only by September 20th and receive a 5% DISCOUNT

  • Convenient autopay method allows you to secure your account with a major credit card and make monthly installments from September-June


  • All accounts paid monthly will require a credit card on file

  • Any account that is not successfully paid by the 10th of each month will have the secured credit card on file charged for that month's installment

  • All rejected payments will incur a $35 fee

  • Tuition is NON REFUNDABLE

  • Students who withdraw after November 1st will be responsible for the remaining tuition amount through June 2020 with the exception of medical releases (must provide a doctors note)

  • Tuition cannot be pro-rated

  • Tuition is not based on the number of classes in each month but based on total instruction and performances over a 34-week period (September 16th-June 5th)

  • There are no refunds for missed classes as make-up opportunities are available

  • All accounts must be current in order to receive Spring Gala costumes