Important Dates

School Closings and Weather Policies

Unless the date is listed above, J’adore Dance will be open for classes and business. We do not follow every teacher workday, school holiday, or weather closing by Chesterfield County Public Schools. In the event of inclement weather, we will post on the website, Facebook page, change our studio voicemail to display the update, sent a mass studio email by 2:00 pm that day, to keep you notified on our status. 

Make Up Classes

For absences, inclement weather, illness, school event, or family function, dancers be permitted to make their class up in any other class that is appropriate for their age.

If the studio feels too many days have been missed due to weather, J’adore Dance will offer a weekend “make up” day in the style of a master class for designated ages groups. Since we offer all students options to make up missed classes, refunds and pro-rated tuition will not be available for missed or cancelled classes.