Holiday Spectacular 2018

december 17-19 | 6:30 pm

Cultural center of india (6641 Ironbridge Pkwy)



All families with up to date accounts will receive 2 tickets FREE to 1 of the 3 performances. Additional tickets can be purchased for $12 beginning Monday, November 26th at the front counter. All tickets are general admission.

  • Children 3 and younger are free (must sit in lap)

  • Tickets can be purchased at the door if available

  • Tickets can be purchased with cash or check ONLY (made out to J’adore DANCE)


Each dancer will be given a rental costume to use for the holiday show on show day. These costumes are not for the dancers to keep and will need to be returned at the conclusion of each show. Dancers will need to provide some basic dance attire to wear with their assigned costume. The details on this basic dancer wear (tights/shoe requirements/etc.) will be emailed out the week we return from Thanksgiving break!

Hair & Make Up

To keep things simple, we are asking that all dancers wear their hair in a neat bun for the performance. Hip Hop dancers will be the only dancers permitted to wear their hair in a low ponytail. If your dancer is in multiple dances and it includes Hip Hop, please just keep hair in a bun. For ladies, make-up should be lightly applied. We would like to preserve their innocence and youthful look, so please no excessive make-up. Add just enough to enhance your dancer’s features and prevent her from being “washed out” under the lights.

Dress Rehearsal - Saturday, December 15th

Below are the rehearsal times for each cast. This rehearsal will take place in house at J’adore DANCE. Dancers should wear all black dance attire/black with pink tights for ballet and Twirl classes.

  • CAST A- 10:00am

  • CAST B - 12:00 noon

  • CAST C - 2:00pm

Performance Dates / Times / Info

This holiday performance will be presented by three separate casts. All performances will take place at the Cultural Center of India - 6641 Ironbridge Pkwy.

  • Monday, December 17th at 6:30pm— CAST A

  • Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30pm - CAST B

  • Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30pm- CAST C

    *Doors Open at 6:00pm each day*

Dancer Drop Off on “Performance Day”
Dancers will need to be dropped off to their parent volunteer in the dressing room no later than 6:15pm, but no earlier than 6:00pm. Please have your dancer arrive with their hair/make up complete and dressed in their assigned base attire.

Dancer Pick Up on “Performance Day”
Dancers will not be allowed to leave during the show. All dancers can be picked up at the conclusion of the show. The show is approximately 1-1.5 hours in length.

Pictures & Video

You may record and take photos of the performance! We are placing the following parameters on photos and video to ensure that all of our guests are able to enjoy the performance.

  • Record/take pictures in the designated area.

  • Turn flash OFF for the performance as it is distracting and dangerous for our performers.

The Extras

  • A concession stand will be available before, during and after the show for purchase using cash or check only.

  • Need flowers for your dancer? Flower bouquets will be available for purchase the evening of the performance using cash or check only.