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Our Student Assistantship program inspires young adults to influence young dancers inside our classrooms

Student assistants:

  • Are selected through an application process. Our faculty will collect the applications and choose the students we feel show the qualities, technical ability, and maturity it takes to assist inside the classroom.

  • Must hold good grades at school, be responsible and reliable, be respectful to fellow classmates, as well as students they are assisting, and loyal to the studio.

  • Must attend a two-day orientation/training in late August/early September. Student assistant training will emphasize how to treat all students fairly, learn what a teacher needs in an assistant, and set an example of positive conduct and attitude in class.

  • Student Assistant training will emphasize treating all students fairly, being exemplary in their own conduct, and to always bring a positive attitude to class. Assistants are there to help the teacher, help the students, be a role model and an extra pair of eyes. 

  • Are held to high standards of dance training and must be enrolled in our pre-professional OR company program to apply. 

Student Assistant Levels:

  • Level 1 (Pre-pro or company dancers ages 10-15) - Assistant dancers (non-paid)

  • Level 2 (Pre-pro or company dancers ages 16+) - Assistant instructor (paid)

To apply: Please submit a 1 page essay on why you would make a great J’adore assistant. This can be typed or hand-written. Please include your full name and age. Please turn this in to the front counter no later than Friday, August 16th.