Linking dancers together through a chain of inspiring acts.

Founded by Lauren Czajkowski a dancer/choreographer/artistic director/mother and all around lover of people...Linx, is a program created to encourage dancers around the country to connect with one another.

Growing up in the world of convention/competition life, I found an immense amount of inspiration from master teachers and other dancers each weekend. These dancers( all ages, shapes, sizes and origin) helped mold me into the lover of dance I am today. My mission is to teach dancers to find inspiration in one another, acknowledge it and let someone know that they have inspired them. After experiencing this connection they will hopefully take on each class, combination, performance opportunity or warm up in a way that hopefully inspires someone else. This pattern of positivity will create a chain of inspiring acts connecting dancers from one coast to the other. The "Linx" that hold this chain together will be the dancers and the connection they have made through acknowledging each others' greatness.

Did you receive a LINX ?! If have inspired someone!!!! Now, here's what you need to do next!

Step 1: Create a durable Linx with your studio name, this web and our Instagram #linxofdance. We used a keychain circle and attached a laminated "tag" including the above information. You can use your studio colors, images,m ribbon...what ever you fancy ;)

Step 2: Download the printable Linx info and when you find your inspiration give them the gift of Linx! Make sure you give them your Linx ( the one your crafty hands created) and the information you downloaded so they know what to do next.

Here come the FUN part!
Step 3: be sure to capture your Linx moment and upload the photo of you and your inspiration to this site ( and or Instagram, #linxofdance. by doing this, we can all share our moments, see how far our linx travel and see "who is connecting with who"!!! This is a great way to teach our young ladies and gentlemen that social media can be used positively :)

Stay tuned to this site as information and photos will be updated regularly. If you have any questions regarding this program please contact, Lauren Czajkowski here on facebook or at

Happy Dancing Everyone xoxoxo

Lauren ♥

Linx is copyrighted by Lauren Czajkowski and J'adore DANCE LLC.