allison jenkins

6th season with J'adore

Get to know Miss Allison:

  • BFA in Performance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • On faculty for the Cecchetti Council of American and the East Coast Committee's Conferences 
  • Comes from a long line of dancers. Most of her family and extended family are all dancers!
  • Allison began her training with her uncle, Chris Collins at the Chris Collins Dance Studio in northern Virginia. Allison built her strong tap foundation from her uncle Chris, who is known for his exceptional tap programs and talent. 
  • She attended Woodbridge High School's Center for Fine and Performing Arts and also studied at Cuppett Performing Arts Center with her mother, Cecchetti instructor, Jennifer Meyer.
  • She toured for two summers as a Dance Caravan Kid and was in the Dance Theater of Harlem's residency program. 
  • While at VCU, she had the privilege of performing works by Daniel Gwirtzman, Steganie Batten Bland, Christian von Howard and Melanie Richard. 
  • She has represented VCU at the College Dance Festival for 3 years along with performing at the Kennedy Center for the National Dance Festival in 2010. 
  • She has performed at Alvin Ailey and the Dance Theater Workshop in NYC with the Von Howard Project. 
  • Joan Oats Scholarship and Carpenter Scholarship recipient

Describe your class at J'adore:
I use my background in the Cecchetti method to build my ballet classes. I enjoy working closely with the core staff of J'adore to build unified dancers throughout the studio in both ballet and tap. In addition to my ballet and tap classes, I am extremely passionate about the work done in my acro classes. Working side by side with Seth Zibalese, we have taken beginner level students and watched them transform into strong, fearless dancers with a new arrangement of acro skills. 

What do you hope your students get out of your class and why do you love teaching at J’adore?
Knowing my students are receiving the proper instruction, I hope they are able to leave with having an understanding what proper placement and technique is. I loved growing up with the structure and syllabus the Cecchetti method provided so, I hope my students grow to appreciate it as well. In addition, I hope they feel how special they are to me and how fun it is to move, create, and experience new things with dance!