Show Troupe

Competitive dance team for beginner and intermediate level dancers (ages 5-12). The JDP Show Troupe allows dancers who have a moderate level of experience and ability to participate in fast paced rehearsals, a private troupe training class, and the exciting world of competitive dance.

As a Show Troupe member, dancers will:

  • Train weekly in J’adore DANCE’s Advanced Training Program
  • Participate in an additional skills class and “troupe class” closed to troupe members only
  • Learn, rehearse, and compete a routine in 3 regional competitions
  • Participate in a local dance convention event, exposing the dancers to some of the highest caliber of talent and some of the industry’s top teachers and choreographers


To be considered for our Show Troupe, dancers must have at least 2 years experience in dance, be enthusiastic, have a strong work ethic, and complete an audition process. Dancers will be selected at the audition and should:

  • be physically fit and able to successfully demonstrate basic dance techniques
  • show potential to advance beyond their current capabilities
  • show enthusiasm about dance and being a part of a team
  • have a strong work ethic
  • show confidence
  • have a positive attitude

The audition process will include jazz basics across the floor, a jazz combination and a hip hop combination


FRidays - 

Follow your regular Friday schedule

Saturday DEcember 9th & 16th 

10:30-12pm Purple Troupe

12:-1:30pm Pink Troupe

12-1:30pm Blue Troupe