SUmmer Dance 2018

How to register for classes: 

1. Click on the link above to begin your registration process. 

2. Click the "Summer 2018" option and begin browsing through our awesome selection of summer programs and select the class(es) to make your summer simply fantastic ! (There is something for everyone! )

3. Be sure to select the option "allow for emails" so you are included on all of our studio memos and updates

4. An immediate confirmation email will be sent to you from our registration program to let you know you successfully completed the registration process

5. Once our Artistic Department has reviewed your registration, you will receive a welcome email confirming your classes from J'adore DANCE within 48-72 hours. Please note, if you have registered for a class that is not approved by the Artistic Department, we will contact you with new class options. 


Week 1 of Confetti Camps / Ballet Boot Camp / Pirouette Clinic

June 19th - 21st

Week 2 of Confetti Camps / Ballet Boot Camp / Pirouette Clinic

June 26th - 28th

General Summer Classes and TWIRL

July 9th - August 16th / "TWIRL" Performance: Friday, August 17th  

Crash Course Camp

August 7th-9th