The J'adore Dance Project

Our company program is designed for dancers who are committed to achieving a higher education, training, and performance experience in the art of dance. Our mission, is to train and inspire our company dancers with strong work ethics, a solid foundation of proper technique, confidence, self assurance, and a well balanced understanding of the dance world so they are able to successfully step into the next chapter of their life after graduation. We work diligently to create and maintain a positive and supportive environment for our young ladies and gentleman to train and grow as we strongly believe that before you can become a great dancer, you must first understand and practice what it means to be an exceptional person. 

Information regarding our company is given only to those with serious inquiry. To schedule a meeting and receive more information on the "JDP" program, please contact Lauren Czajkowski-Gareau at

2017-2018 Season auditions

We hold two auditions a year to select the most driven and talented young ladies and gentleman to participate in our year round training and performance program with, THE J'adore DANCE PROJECT. These dancers represent our school at various performances and competitions along the east coast and are highlighted at both of our annual productions. 

Our first audition was held in May of 2017. To register for our second and final audition of the season in July, please contact